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"With just over a day in our campaigns I was able to get 2 buyers on the phone who're looking to make transactions in the next 30 days. Also, the seller lead cost is slashed to one-third of what it was before"

Nick Onacilla

Realtor RESF

"We got 3 clients who're doing buy & sell so in total 6 deals for an average $600,000 price point. We call'em 2FERS "

Dave Dutze

Real estate Investor

"Bassal helped us put together what he calls a Local Celebrity campaign which has already gotten Tens of Thousands of views. The quality of the leads is actually good and helped us produced our company revenue. "

Dr Travis Fisher

Chiropractor Genesis Chiropractic

"If you need more buyers and sellers then you definitely need to check what Bassal is doing. Infinitum Media - great company"

connor robertson

b2b Lead Gen

"The cost per lead was outstandingly lower than what was usually to get, we were able to setup 10% appointment rates with leads and now will be working to closing the deals out."

Shiva Venkata

Realtor Homecentive Canada

"My campaigns weren't doing well so I pinged Bassal, he was so good he jumped on the call with me right away, did some fixes and BOOM! The results started coming in"

Nilesh Mikhija

Unreal Marketer

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